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Adding a new CMDB service entry record to ServiceNow

CMDB (configuration management database) service entries can be created within ServiceNow by iSolutions staff.

CMDB entries will also need to be created for each of the environments within the service. See Adding a new CMDB application (environment) entry record to ServiceNow.

How to add a new CMDB service entry record

1. Log in to ServiceNow

2. In the Filter navigator field, enter system

3. Within Service Portfolio, select Systems and Services

select systems and services

A list of Systems and Services records will be listed.

4. Select New

new systems and services record

The New record page will display.

new systems and services record

5. Complete the fields detailed below:

Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory and as much further information should be provided where possible.

The CMDB ID is a system generated reference for the entry and cannot be changed.


* Name: Enter the name of the service, for example CORPORATE WEB

* Short description: Enter a short description, for example University Corporate web service

* Operational Status: From the drop down list select the status, for example In Service

* Business Criticality: From the drop down list select how critical the service is to the business, for example Critical

Maintenance Schedule: Use the magnifying glass to select the maintenance schedule, such as '07:00 - 09:00 Every Thursday' or 'None Scheduled' as appropriate

* Type: From the drop down list select the service type, for example Business

Portal Status: Select the check box if you would like the status of the service to be listed on the ServiceNow system status page. The purpose of this page is to communicates to users the availability of the service

Portal Name: Description that appears after the service name on the status page, for example 'outward facing web pages' (for Corporate Web entry)

Business Owner: The Business Owner can only be added by the Portfolio Owner. Once the CMBD entry has been published, notify the Portfolio Owner and request this is added to the record

* Service Owner: Search for the business owner with their username, or select the magnifying glass for further search options, for example name or email address


6. Complete further details where possible, including the fields within the tabbed section, such as Service Overview and Priority 1, 2, 3 as appropriate

7. Attachments can be added to the entry by selecting the paperclip towards the top right of the screen

paperclip for adding attachments

8. Select Submit

The record will be live immediately.


Useful links

Adding a new CMDB application (environment) entry record to ServiceNow

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