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What is all.soton?

The all.soton mailing list service was created to provide a straightforward way for staff and students to communicate with specific groups within the university. 

Mailing list memberships are built automatically on a nightly basis using a combination of data sources. This ensures that all.soton mailing lists stay up to date, saving time and accuracy over traditional mailing list systems. 

Student mailing lists. 

To reach students on a module send an email to For example, sending an email to would send the message to all students on that module as well as the staff teaching that module. Simply replace "nurs3001" with the code of the module you wish to contact. 

To find out more visit the all.soton modules page

Staff mailing lists. 

All.soton includes mailing lists for a multitude of different groupings of staff at all levels of the university, professional services, faculty, academic units, and research groups: 

  • All staff in that part of the university, however small. 
  • All staff from professional services embedded in that part. 
  • Separate lists for staff in that part on different career paths, e.g., ERE, MSA, Clinical. 
  • Teaching staff, defined as those staff in that part teaching at least one module this year. 
  • Academic staff (such as lecturers and professors) in that part whether they are teaching this year or not. 
  • These lists are all reachable from the all.soton “Mailing Lists” menu. 

Building mailing lists. 

There are mailing lists for the occupants of every building in the University as well as lists for each group of academic unit or professional service residing in each building. So, for example, you can email just the iSolutions staff in building 35 (""), without bothering the rest of iSolutions or the other occupants of building 35.  

You can also email everyone on a particular level of a building. For example,, will email all the occupants of building 35, level 3. 

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