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How to use Parking Permits

Parking Permits is a web application that allows you to apply for campus parking permits.

Permits requiring Head of School/department authorisation are now managed by e-mail and web access.


Table of content

How to start the procedure


Making an application

Application assessment and approval

Permit Reference Numbers

Changing an application

Problems logging in



How to start the procedure

1. Go to Parking Permits

2. Login using your university username (for example: abc1de22) and password

Login form to access user area of Parking Permits website

3. Choose the permit you want and click on 'Apply'

Screenshot of the Permit menu available

4. You can now select your permit type / location and go through the from.

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The menu is your top level interface to your permits. It is divided into activity sections:

"Your permits"

Its content is determined by the status of the booking cycles.

  • A link to your application or permit activity is contained here for any active booking cycle
  • If the booking period is closed, say "2018-19" it will say that it is "Closed 2018-19"
  • If you do not have a permit application active, it's link states "Apply"
  • If you have a permit or application active for the cycle, it's link states "Update". If you update an ongoing application, you are redirected to the original application form wizard. In this case, all the values will be pre-filled
  • If you have a role in a permit or application that is active, basic information is supplied with its link tailored to your role:
    • "Owner/main applicant": - can update this permit
    • "Sharer": - can view this permit.


"Your Sponsored permits and applications"

This section is for Head of School or department staff registered to approve permit applications. It contains a link to a search facility for your "sponsored" permits is available.


"Your Sponsored permits"

This additional menu appears if you are a Head of School/department registered to approve applications. It states how many permits are under your "sponsorship" with a link to those still needing your approval.

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Making an application

The application form consists of several linked pages. Through them, you will gather information about your parking requirements.

The system will already have gathered your University account information and "travel from" address from the University Directory and Banner as you logged on. Thanks to this, you will find prefilled fields in various parts of the form.

Choose permit type

Choose permit type, duration sharers and number of vehicles.

Permit type / location: you can choose between 'Campus Permits' and 'Halls of Residence Permits'. Some permit types do not allow sharing (for example permits for people declaring they are registered disabled).

If you declare that you are registered disabled, the permit office will ask you to provide supporting evidence (blue badge).

Permit duration: permits can be yearly or monthly. Monthly permits are valid from 4 weeks from day of "issue". Use the pop-up calendar to choose your intended start date.

Lift Sharing: you can add up to 3 extra people associated with your permit. This option is not available for "disability status", monthly, or Gower permits.

Vehicles: you may declare that you wish to register up to four vehicles. You will be issued only one permit disc or up to two if you are a member of staff.

Part time students for RGSE, Psychology, SUMS will choose which days of the week they wish to park. Please note that choosing more than two days is probably more expensive than choosing a standard Highfield annual permit.

Personal details:

  • If your address details are NOT on file, enter the post code you intend to travel from
  • You can update your address details in e-HR Self Service for staff or Banner for students
  • Staff: your permit will be posted to your office location
  • Students: your permit will be posted to your term-time address. You may change this in "'Banner".


Permit details: Vehicles/Sharers

Declare main parking location, vehicles (and sharers) to be registered.

Students: declare study location / year study

Sharers (if required): enter your University email user id and matching surname for cross-checking.
N.B.  a sharer cannot be chosen if they have a permit/application in which they are an owner or sharer active at the same time as this application.

Vehicle detail required:

  • registration number
  • manufacturer
  • model
  • colour
  • engine
  • size
  • emission
  • fuel type.

For 2018 onwards if your vehicle emissions are under 120g/km of CO2 you can apply for a reduced price permit. Declaration of emissions is voluntary and will be verified before permit issue.

If you have sharers, select who the vehicle belongs to. All vehicles must be assigned, but not everyone needs to be assigned a vehicle.

A vehicle cannot be active in more than one permit or application at any one time.


Additional information

Declare any medical grounds, dependants in your family and if you are obliged to use your car for work/studies.

For medical grounds, please state if you think the Permit office have a record of your circumstances.
If not, you may be asked to provide these

For sharers this information is not compulsory.


Supporting declarations

Provide a statement to support your application.

For medical grounds where the permit office do not have a record, or if you have declared dependants, this information is required.


Costs and payment details

Calculated permit costs and methods of payment.

Costs are estimated assuming an intended start date and duration. This figure is re-calculated at the date where payment is accepted and permit is due for issue.

If a permit is free, no cost is declared where the permit office do not have a record, or if you have declared dependants, this information is required.


Rules acceptance and application submission

Final step: you have to accept rules and submit you application. You can re-access to change it later as long as it is still an application and has not been issued.


Application status

This step focus on the state of your application.

 This page may declare that you can use a temporary printed copy of the permit for display. You can do it until a disc is issued if:

  • the application is accepted for issue straight away
  • and the permit cycle is already underway (for example: after 1st September for students) 

Click 'Return' to menu to see the application entry in your menu. You can change it from the menu link.

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Application assessment and approval

How it works

An application passes through various automated and manual assessment stages. It is possible for an application to be automatically approved if:

  • no manual intervention is required
  • other automatic checks are passed.

As an application proceeds through the process to being issued, all related parties are kept informed of its progress by e-mail. These are the owner, potential sharers and Heads of school if relevant.

Permit application and issue cycles are managed on a yearly basis:

  • Student permits are valid 1st September to 31st August
  • Staff and Department permits are valid from 1st January to 31st December.

A cycle is "opened" for making applications several weeks before its start date and is open until its end date.

Application progress

An application passes through various stages:

  • Head of School/department approval - if relevant. An application can be denied at this stage
  • Automated and manual assessment (for travel distance, parking location quota checking, ...). An application can be denied or put on a waiting list at this stage
  • Approved - awaiting checks. Your application is essentially approved, but some actions are still pending (for example: provide an assessment of disability, medical, or payments) 
  • Issued - a permit disc or discs are issued to the owner of the permit.

It is possible for an application to be automatically approved if:

  • no manual intervention is required
  • other automatic checks are passed.


After your application is approved

Once your application is approved, you will will receive a permit

An application fully assessed, approved and paid for is issued as a permit disc.

The permit will be issued close to the start of the permit cycle if an application is made prior to its start.
e.g. a student application approved in August for 1st September onwards will be issued in mid to late August.

The permit will be issued close to its start date if the permit cycle is underway. For example: a student application approved in December for a start date in December (where the booking cycle started 1st October) will be issued as soon as possible.


After your permit is issued

  • The menu link to your permit will give you a single page display of your permit details
  • You can use the personal links to sharers and/or sponsors to e-mail
  • You can add a note.

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Permit Reference Numbers

Your application or permit has a reference number which you should quote at all times when contacting the permit office.

Before it is issued your reference number has the format of "A.201819.45678"

  • "A" - "Application"
  • "201819" - the year relating to the intended permit activity
  • "45678" - a unique temporary number.

When your application is approved for issue, or is issued, your reference number has the format of "P.201819.1005"

  • "P" - "Permit"
  • "201819" - the year relating to the permit activity
  • "1005" - your personal permit number as it appears on the permit disc.

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Changing an application

If you have an application or permit for the booking cycle it will appear in your menu with an update link.

Applications under assessment have the format of "A.201819.45678".

Approved-for-issue applications or issued permits have the format of "P.201819.1005". Click on the 'Update' link: and the system checks the state of your application permit and directs you accordingly:

While your application is under assessment

  • Applications still under assessment will give access to the Application wizard
  • The wizard forms are pre-filled with the original application information
  • Navigate the wizard making changes as appropriate - your application will be completely re-assessed if you submit it at the end of the wizard.

After your application is approved or your permit is issued

  • Applications approved for issue, or permits can have minimal updates applied to them - a single update page is displayed.
  • Currently you can add a note (change vehicle details to be implemented)

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Problems logging in

If you are experiencing difficulties in logging in (for example: "Error - Sorry your login attempt has failed..."), try these steps to correct the problem:

  1. Ensure you are using the correct user id (for example: abc1de22) and password 
  2. Try logging in again double checking your user id and password. (for example: check CAPS-LOCK)
  3. If this fails, try re-synchronising your password at Subscribe clicking on:
    • Managing Your Account
    • Change Computing Services password
    • You can reset your password to the old value if you wish
  4. Enable cookies in your browser.

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Parking and technical enquiries

If you need further help and information please contact:

Parking enquiries: Estates & Facilities, Building 35, Highfield Campus

Technical enquiries: ServiceLine

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