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Why am I receiving emails bounced to me rather than being sent to my Majordomo list?

These returned messages have subjects like

Subject:  Admin request: /^subject:\s.*\bchange\b.*\baddress\b/i

Majordomo scans messages for certain keywords that it feels indicates that the sender of the email was actually meaning to issue administrative commands to

the list and has accidentally sent the message to the list for distribution rather than to the list server for processing.

As well as scanning the body of the message, Majordomo also looks for certain possibilities in the subject of the message.

These can be:

  • containing word subscribe
  • containing word unsubscribe
  • containing words beginning uns*b
  • containing words beginning un-sub
  • containing the word help
  • containing both the word change and then the word address - any single word between them will not affect the match ie. change of address, change my address etc.
  • containing the word request and then the word addition - again any word may come between the two key words and still there will be a match

In all cases the checks are case insensitive.


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